Our Services

First Visit

Your first visit will consist of an evaluation and education. We will complete a health history examination to collect information regarding your current and past health concerns or issues. There will also be a physical examination to help determine the nature of your condition and the status of your nervous system. Lastly, we will discuss our findings and suggest a treatment plan to achieve better health and wellness.

Chiropractic Care

We are skilled in providing spinal correction and adjustments. We utilize “state of the art” techniques to address your immediate and urgent needs. We provide care for those suffering from personal injury, those dealing with workers compensation and those dealing with any other spinal related concern or injury. We believe that proper care and treatment of the spine can relieve many of the body’s stressors and thus achieve total health and wellness.

Lifestyle Limitations

Many people suffer with lifestyle limitations and mask the problem with over the counter medications and prescriptions. We provide a non-invasive approach to relieve everyday symptoms that slow us down such as back and neck pain, headaches and other specific pains in the body. We will evaluate your routine activities that could be aggravating your pain and limiting your healthy lifestyle.

Posture and Spinal Screenings

We believe that prevention is key to health and wellness. Proper screenings help identify potential problems and allow us the opportunity to correct them before they start. Dr. Coleman is trained to assist patients with current posture issues and equipped to provide reliable treatment to correct or reduce the impact to the body. Take the time today to add mobility, flexibility and freedom back to your lifestyle.

Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment typically involves a specific force applied to a vertebra, aimed at correcting spinal subluxations. The goal of adjusting the spine is to restore proper motion, improve spinal function and remove interference from the nervous system. There are many different adjustment techniques used by chiropractors; Adjusted Life Chiropractic utilizes Thompson Drop technique, Activator technique, Global Assessment Technique, and Diversified technique.

What is a Subluxation?

The Vertebral Subluxation complex or “Subluxation” is a misalignment and dysfunction of one of the bones in your spine (vertebrae). This dysfunction compromises the normal functioning of your nerves and can influence your overall health and well being.

Do Adjustments Hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments are very safe when applied by a licensed Chiropractor in a clinical setting. Chiropractors spend many years of training on examination and correction of the spine and are without a doubt the most qualified professionals to perform spinal adjustments. Generally, adjustments do not cause pain, as your Chiropractor is specifically trained to deliver gentle and effective care. Minor soreness is possible but rare and usually short lived.

Insight Technology

Your body can be malfunctioning for months or maybe even years before you experience any symptoms from it (an example is a normal healthy individual one day and them having a heart attack the next day). Since symptoms are always last to show and the first to go, it is important to monitor the function of your nervous system, which, is what the insight millennium, or the subluxation station does for us at Adjusted Life Chiropractic. We use this technology to get an accurate and precise assessment of nerve interference that can be leading to dis-ease. Knowing this helps deliver very specific scientific chiropractic adjustments. There are two things that Adjusted Life Chiropractic does not jeopardize, that is a practice member’s health and the reputation of Chiropractic.

Insight Mellenium / sEMG / Thermography

At Adjusted Life Chiropractic, we use “state of the art” technology in assessing each of our practice member’s spine to get an exact location of the cause of their health problems.

In our office, we use two incredible technologies to objectively measure how you are functioning neurologically. Our insight subluxation station consists of thermography, and surface EMG.

Our digital thermography scan picks up temperature imbalances from one side of the spine to the other, and from one segment to another. This is an indication of inflammation and an imbalance in the vertebra.

As an EKG measures the electrical activity of your heart, Surface EMG or sEMG measures the electrical activity of the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine. Increases or decreases in electrical activity is an indication of neurological interference.