Since November 2016, Adjusted Life Chiropractic and founder Dr. Jeremy L. Coleman have been helping patients in Jackson, Mississippi, express themselves at their fullest potential with the aid of the Chiropractic.

We believe that proper care and treatment of the spine can relieve many of the body’s stressors and thus achieve total health and wellness. We are skilled in providing spinal correction and adjustments, utilizing “state of the art” techniques to address your immediate and urgent needs.

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Dr. Jeremy L. Coleman of Adjusted Life Chiropractic in Jackson, MS - our goal is to provide excellent chiropractic care to our patients in Jackson, Mississippi.
Chiropractic care for patients in Jackson, Mississippi. Adjusted Life Chiropractic accepting new patients.

Our Mission

We strive to advance the health of the community using state of the art technology and very gentle and specific adjustments to achieve health goals.

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Adjusted Life Chiropractic offers comprehensive and affordable chiropractic care in Jackson MS

Our Services

We are skilled in providing spinal correction and adjustments. We believe that proper care and treatment of the spine can help achieve total health and wellness.

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Adjusted Life Chiropractic and Jeremy L. Coleman can help restore health and comfort to your life using chiropractic specialties.

New Patients

We are currently accepting new patients. Download forms and schedule appointments directly from our website!

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Allen came to Adjusted Life Chiropractic with diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive issues, and pain in his lower back that went shooting into his mid back, neck pain, and migraines. He had suffered with these symptoms for years, and stated that they were severe! He had been treated by Medical Doctors, but still suffered from all of the above symptoms! Since receiving regular Specific Scientific Chiropractic adjustments, Allen stated that there were many significant improvements! He is now off all pharmaceutical medications prescribed for high cholesterol, diabetes, and digestion problems! Other positive results he experienced were better sleeping patterns; waking up in the morning free from pain, moving better, greater flexibility, less arthritic pain in his neck... all of this resulting in better attitude, and weight loss!!! He recommends others who are sick, suffering, or in pain to receive care provided by this office stating that you need to “be consistent with your care plan and you will get faster results and feel better!

Case Study

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